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Are you are getting ready to start building a house and can't even see enough of your land to tell where you're going to put your house? Give us a call and Get your land ready for building. We can come in and clear out the underbrush so you can figure out where you want to put the house, then we can remove any larger trees that must be removed before construction can begin.

Brush / Lot Clearing & Cleanup

Clean up your Property!
We can round up all the junk and debris for you!
Load it up and haul it away!
To the landfill or off to be recycled.
Loading Brush into Dump Trailer

We can also help if you have junk or debris that has built up over time or created by new construction or remodeling.

Even if you are already in your house, it can really be a benefit to clear out the underbrush so you can utilize and maintain your property and increase its value.

When clearing raw land, we never use tree shears that leave stumps in the ground that allow regrowth much more rapidly and can damage lawn equipment or prevent you from landscaping. All brush can be hauled away for you as well.

Loading Brush

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